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Smart Radio Communications

Initial Assessment

If we take a close look at our personal and professional life we find more and more connected devices. Many of them require access to a wireless network in order to receive or send important information. Some devices even establish a connection (e.g. with their manufacturers for maintenance purposes) without the users noticing it. As a consequence, it is difficult to have a clear and accurate overview about all devices that are operating wirelessly. In addition, faulty electric equipment like poorly insulated cables can have a severe impact on the usability of the radio spectrum.

Consequently, an overview about all available devices and potential interferers is very helpful in advance of a network design. We can support you with an inventory process to determine the active devices on your premises by executing on-site visits or by analyzing documentation that might already available. In order to get a complete picture of the situation, we are also offering spectrum inventory measurements to evaluate the available emissions over a certain period of time.

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For further information about spectrum inventory measurement and our smart measurement services in general please visit our Monitoring Services page:

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As a summary, the initial assessment will offer a detailed overview about the spectrum at your premises. Based on the results, you can investigate unknown emissions, clear interferers, identify over- and under-used frequency bands etc. As a summary, the initial assessment provides you with the baseline and a solid basis for your projects.

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