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mySPECTRA NMS is LS telcom's innovative Numbering Management System that seamlessly integrates into your operations, whether as a standalone tool or as a component of mySPECTRA. Our system redefines administrative processes, streamlines intelligent number allocation, and fosters collaborative resource management. As an optional feature, envision a user-friendly web portal, empowering applicants to effortlessly request number allocations online, creating a streamlined experience.

Discover the Power of mySPECTRA NMS: Key Features

Efficiency Meets Innovation - Let us dive into the heart of mySPECTRA NMS. Learn how our well-designed system enhances accuracy and efficiency, providing users with absolute control over numbering resources.

Administrative Excellence

mySPECTRA NMS streamlines admin processes with intelligent number allocation, fostering operational excellence. Its user-friendly web portal for applicants enables easy online requests, benefiting regulators in managing number allocation and assignments to network operators.

Telephone Numbering

Efficient number pool management, (inter)national signaling point codes, (non-)geographic numbers, subscriber tracking, short codes, special number allocation, SIM header, Value Added Service licensing, mobile number portability, compatibility with international standards like ITU-T E.118, ITU-T E.164 and ITU-T Q.708, and more redefine precision and innovation.

Efficient Number Allocation

Our system introduces flexible allocation methods, allowing number assignment by predefined area codes, quantities, or ranges. Real-time validation prevents errors, while draft-saving ensures continuity during interruptions.

Workflow Guidance and Collaboration

Get streamlined delegation, enhanced internal coordination, and user guidance through predefined workflow steps. Advanced validations prevent duplicate number allocation, with an in-built approval process and logging ensuring maximal transparent and efficient operations.

Master Data Management and Filtering

Experience brilliance in master data management. The system's master data feature lists configured number pools, while its intuitive interface allows efficient filtering. Quickly locate specific number pools based on criteria, enhancing user experience and data retrieval.

Messaging, Document Generation, and Invoicing

mySPECTRA NMS manages fees, invoices, and applicant communication efficiently. It automates detailed invoicing with reminders and promptly updates applicants via emails or platform alerts, ensuring transparency and efficiency for administrators, officers, and applicants.

Sneak Peek: Unveiling Our Product in Action

Discover our system's user interface and validation function in action through this insightful screenshot. Experience the seamless blend of design and functionality.

Benefits at a Glance

Intuitive Interface

Minimizing Errors

Automated Processes

Structured Decision-Making

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Regulatory Compliance

Industries We Serve

Our well-designed system enhances accuracy and efficiency, empowering users to handle numbering resources across diverse services with ease.


In telecommunication, mySPECTRA NMS categorizes numbers by service types, organizing them into structured numbering pools, and offers a tailored view of telephone numbering data. Network operators managing multiple networks will find a game-changer in our system.


Step into the realm of manufacturing where mySPECTRA NMS becomes your guide. Navigate with unique part numbers, facilitating easy referencing and error prevention. Your journey toward manufacturing finesse begins here.

E-Commerce Logistics

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce logistics, mySPECTRA NMS introduces serial number tracking. From production to sale, monitor individual item units with precision. Uncover the key to streamlined inventory management and logistics efficiency.

Government & Regulatory Bodies

Governments, healthcare, and transportation trust mySPECTRA NMS for efficient numbering, and managing extensive documents, records, and logistics. Witness the prowess of our system in ensuring regulatory compliance and operational transparency.

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