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Estamos convencidos de que nuestras formidables relaciones con nuestros clientes, nuestras membresías y la colaboración con una multitud de institutos de investigación son las bases más relevantes para nuestro éxito.

"Encontrarse es un inicio; permanecer juntos es progreso; trabajar juntos es éxito."

Henry Ford

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En LS telcom, nos enorgullece contar con más de 30 años de experiencia global. Escucha lo que dicen nuestros clientes. ¡Queremos agradecer a todos nuestros clientes por haber compartido su trayecto con nosotros!

Aviation Spectrum Agency in the U.S.

Frequency Manager

Our organization entered into a contract with LS telcom to purchase the LS OBSERVER Portable Monitoring Unit (PMU). The PMU is a handheld spectrum monitoring device that allows us to monitor the spectrum continuously and store results for later use, but also allows us to make live spectrum measurements in some airports throughout the United States [...]. The PMU has been very useful in our radio frequency interference investigations.

We have been pleased working with LS telcom for the past few years. What we appreciate most about LS telcom, is their ability to understand our business and to continuously support in a timely manner, our training requests, and other ad hoc general requests.

Air Navigation Agency in Poland

Deputy Director for the Communications Service

We confirm that LS telcom supplied [...] a radio monitoring system. Our organization is successfully using the system for continuous monitoring and direction finding. The radio monitoring system is based on the LS OBSERVER technology.
Our organization is fully satisfied with the system and support provided by LS telcom AG.

Regulation Authority in the Republic of Guinea

General Director

Our organization selected LS telcom for the design, integration, delivery and commissioning of a radio frequency monitoring and control vehicle, in accordance with the current recommendations of the International Telecommunications Union, and the specific needs of the Authority.
We confirm that LS telcom performed this project to the expectations of our organization, and we are fully satisfied with the quality of the system supplied, the services, and the support provided by LS telcom under this project.

Provider of Energy, Transportation & Telecommunication in Austria

Telekom Specialist, and Asset-Manager Telekom

With LS telcom’s CHIRplus we handle the complete frequency planning and coordination. Above that, we use the tool to calculate the network coverage, plan radio links and the broadband network set up, as well as for documentation purposes. CHIRplus_FX (now: CHIRplux_TC) is extremely helpful regarding the broadband network setup within the 3,5 GHz band operated by the Smart Meter Project.
We are very satisfied with the software tool and thank you for the good cooperation.

Regulation Authority in Portugal

Head of Spectrum Planning

Our organization has acquired an integrated Spectrum Management System from LS telcom in 2001. LS telcom has put the system successfully into operation and has delivered all project milestones in a timely manner.
Since then the system has been continuously maintained, updated and supported by LS telcom.
We hereby confirm fully satisfactory operation of the supplied system.
Our organization is very satisfied with the implementation of the project and the ongoing commitment from LS telcom regarding support and other after-sales services.

Federal Office of Communications in Switzerland


I would like to take this opportunity to also thank your company for the support regarding the RRC-06-preparations, for example the quick supply of a tool that converted the requirements handed in at the ITU in ArcView-Shape-files. Within the frame of a multi-lateral conference of experts it was possible to quickly visualize the Western European frequency requirements in the band III and to determine the critical areas owing to this tool.
I am looking forward to an ongoing pleasant and successful co-operation.

Nuestras membresías

Juntos podemos marcar uns diferencia! LS telcom está orgulloso de ser un miembro activo de varias asociaciones y uniones.

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