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Why not use the time working from home to get new insights? We are hosting a series of FREE live Web-Seminars for several sectors in the coming weeks. You can book Web-Seminars separately or follow the complete series of the topics.

Join our live sessions held by our experts. All you need is a stable internet connection, the chrome browser and an hour of your time. Click to find the content of our Web-Seminars, or to register:

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We offer Web-Seminars in the following fields:

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In the 3-part Web-Seminar series, we will show you step by step how to efficiently plan and optimize secure and high-performance networks of any technology and radio application.

Radio networks for applications from different areas such as smart grids / metering, mobile communications, industry 4.0, transport and security are simulated in the Web-Seminars.
The Web-Seminar series is based on CHIRplus_TC, LS telcom's software tool for planning microwave links and complete radio networks (including 5G, LTE, LoRa, TETRA, BOS, DMR, etc).
The Web-Seminars build on each other in terms of content. However, each Web-Seminar is self-contained and comprehensible in terms of content and can also be booked individually.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Web-Seminars.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Isabelle Gärtner.

Efficient planning of secure, high-performance and cost-optimized microwave links

Flexible network planning for radio networks of any type

Selected applications

The Web-Seminar Radio link planning presents the entire process of creating a radio link. This includes selecting the right equipment, evaluating performance and avoiding interference. Finally, we will show how a complete frequency application for the national regulatory authority can be generated with a single keystroke. Convince yourself in this Web-Seminar, from the intuitive handling and smooth planning of individual microwave links to complete optimized microwave networks.The Network Planning Web-Seminar demonstrates the flexible planning of a wide range of networks from TETRA, 4G/5G, IoT and Smart Grids. In this part of the Web-Seminar series a new base station will be created and evaluated. Coverage analyses for individual stations and complete networks, presentation and use of the generated results as well as the integration of measurement data for result validation are also considered.

In the last part of the Web-Seminar series, we will use the functionality from the first two parts and show some selected use cases and specific examples in network planning:

  • Cost analysis (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Analysis of wind power plants: We check if a planned wind power plant has a negative effect on an existing network
  • Internet of Things: Planning and design of an IoT network including coverage analysis of the endpoints
  • Smart Grid Planning: Definition of Smart Grid for automated reading of meter readings


30th of September 2020
at 9.00 am CEST (GMT+1)
or 4.00 pm CEST (GMT+1)
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7th of October 2020
at 9.00 am CEST (GMT+1)
or 4.00 pm CEST (GMT+1)
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14th of October 2020
at 9.00 am CEST (GMT+1)
or 4.00 pm CEST (GMT+1)
> pick your preferred time!

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Further information about CHIRplus_TC

Join our free-of-charge upcoming Web-Seminar on the unique NavAidDrone.
Experts from Colibrex and FCS Flight Calibration Services will explain the purposes, challenges and enormous benefits of ILS inspection by drone.
The Web-Seminar will be complemented by various videos of measurement flights and software demonstration.
Get an insight and learn more about this topic.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Web-Seminars. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Isabelle Gärtner.

NavAidDrone opens new ways for NavAids inspection

In this Web-Seminar we demonstrate how our NavAidDrone opens new ways for NavAids inspection.

  • Targeted applications and key advantages of using drones for NavAids inspection
  • Comprehensive system integration as key for accurate ILS measurements
  • Software-based NavAids inspection workflow as facilitator for CNS engineers
  • Example of GP and LOC measurements

28 October 2020 at 9.00 am and 4.00 pm CEST
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Join our free Web-Seminars on automated radio spectrum monitoring with LS OBSERVER. Our Web-Seminars illustrate how regulatory authorities and network operators, as well as those responsible in the industrial, airport or logistic departments sectors, can detect, locate and prevent interference and ensure safe and optimal frequency usage in the long term. In a series of Web-Seminars we show you the various capabilities of LS OBSERVER; from frequency measurement and data storage to analysis of the stored data for different purposes and visualization of results in a clear manner.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Web-Seminars. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Isabelle Gärtner.

The concept of modern automated 24/7 radio monitoring and data storage with LS OBSERVER

Analysis based on stored data with LS OBSERVER

Direction finding and geolocation with LS OBSERVER: DF Time Travel®, TDoA, GROA+®

Spectrum Monitoring with LS OBSERVER for Industry, Airports and Logistics

In this Web-Seminar we show how LS OBSERVER supports continued 24/7 automated monitoring and spectrum recording and illustrate its major advantages. We show how the user can retrieve the automatically recorded spectrum data for any kind of analysis.

The Web-Seminar is structured as follows:

  • System overview
    How does LS OBSERVER work?
  • 24/7 automated recording
    The LS OBSERVER sensor units permanently record the full spectrum of interest, without staff intervention. Users can analyze the recorded data any time they want.
  • Automatic Violation Detection (AVD)
    Illustration of how AVD functions: LS OBSERVER automatically compares the reference spectrum with the live spectrum and triggers an alarm in case of anomalies such as interference or illegal use of spectrum.
  • Job scheduling
    LS OBSERVER automatically runs monitoring tasks which are scheduled and defined by the user, e.g. AVD or any kind of recording task.

In Web-Seminar two we illustrate the leverage of data storage capacities and data analysis functionality, indispensible for evidence-based actions. This Web-Seminar looks at different analysis methods based on stored data:
The Web-Seminar is structured as follows:

  • The power of data storage
    We show how to identify interference which occurred and was reported in the past, based on stored data, and look at how analysis of recorded data helps to prevent future interference
  • Long term occupancy analysis
    View on long term occupancy of different channels and bands to identify overloads, white spaces and interference to optimize future spectrum use and prevent future interference
  • Stored spectrum as a reference
    We show how a stored measurement is used as a reference for AVD: LS OBSERVER compares the stored spectrum with the live measured spectrum and will trigger an alarm in case of anomalies.
  • DF and geolocation based on stored data
    We perform direction finding and locate an emitter which is not on air anymore

The third and last Web-Seminar of the series provides an overview of different geolocation and direction finding techniques and illustrates different use cases for each:

  • DF TimeTravel ®: a unique system for DF based on live and on stored data
  • TDoA: locate an emitter based on the time difference of arrival method
  • GROA+®: unique method to locate an emitter based on the gain ratio of arrival method combined with complex wave propagation considerations

In modern warehouses, production halls, distribution centers or airport terminals a high amount of wireless devices are compressed on a limited area. In this Web-Seminar we demonstrate how our LS OBSERVER sensor-based automated Spectrum Monitoring system helps industry, logistics and airports to:

  • Identify and locate interference and overloads
  • Perform an inventory of the existing RF environment and installations on site
  • Identify and locate unknown signals and wireless devices including potential security vulnerabilities
  • Identify free spectrum as a basis for the assignment of new spectrum users and for the planning of new wireless installations

The Web-Seminar took place on 02 September

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The Web-Seminar took place on 09 September

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The Web-Seminar took place on 16 September

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The Web-Seminar took place on 23 September

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Further information about LS OBSERVER

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We are looking forward to meeting you online!

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Smart network planning with CHIRplus_TC
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NavAidDrone opens new ways for NavAids inspection
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