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It’s about time again! The Web-Seminars of LS telcom enter the next round. In various live sessions, held by our experienced experts, different spectrum-related topics get introduced, discussed and analyzed. Learn more about recent developments in the broadcast and telecommunications industry and discover how our service & product portfolio could help you realizing your projects and ideas! And the best part about it? LS telcom’s Web-Seminars are free-of-charge! All you need is a stable internet connection, the chrome browser and 45 minutes of your time.

We are looking forward to meet you online!

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In a world where smart technologies determine our everyday life more and more, it is increasingly important to ensure seamless connectivity through wireless communication.

This is where we, LS telcom AG, come into play: We deliver technologies and services to national regulatory authorities and network operators alike.

LS telcom is the global leader in spectrum efficiency. In line with the diversification and commercialization of radio technologies there has been a constant increase in demand for frequency spectrum and its commercial value. This 3-part Web-Seminar series will show you how our Smart Spectrum Solutions help you unleash the full potential of your radio spectrum.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Web-Seminars.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Isabelle Gärtner.

Spectrum Regulation in a 5G World

Integrated and automated spectrum management with mySPECTRA

Automated radio monitoring with LS OBSERVER

The introduction of 5G brings with it a range of new challenges. Finding the right spectrum to enable all of 5G’s benefits may require extensive re-farming of existing services. Licensing 5G, especially to both verticals and mobile operators requires careful balancing of supply and demand. In addition to spectrum, new approaches may be needed to licensing, authorization and infrastructure readiness. This webinar will explore these issues and share some of LS telcom’s experiences in helping regulators around the world successfully introduce 5G.Regulators face continuous pressure to issue more licenses and reduce license issuing periods to a minimum, as license applicants expect prompt replies to their applications. mySPECTRA handles the increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes with ease and brings structure and clarity into all spectrum management processes. Join our web-seminar and learn more about the market leading solution in spectrum management that assures best usage of the limited radio spectrum. The third part of the Web-Seminar series “Smart Spectrum Solutions for Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities” illustrates how regulatory authorities can detect, locate and prevent interference and ensure safe and optimal frequency usage in the long term. It further illustrates how our big data & AI solution SpectrumMap enables real-world based spectrum management. This innovative solution uses mass data from monitoring to generate real world spectrum usage and coverage maps. For modern spectrum sharing concepts (DSA/LSA), SpectrumMap delivers an accurate decision basis for location and time-dependent allocation.
The Web-Seminar takes place on 29th of September 2021 at 09.00 am and 04.00 pm (UTC+2)

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The Web-Seminar takes place on 6th of October 2021 at 09.00 am and 04.00 pm (UTC+2)

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The Web-Seminar takes place on 13th of October 2021 at 09.00 am and 04.00 pm (UTC+2)

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