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Smart Spectrum Monitoring

DF Time Travel®

The innovative, worldwide unique technology DF Time Travel® requires a monitoring unit and a dedicated DF antenna system.

DF Time Travel® provides combined capabilities for monitoring and DF within one single antenna radome. In direction finding mode, DF time Travel® is able to locate signals polarized horizontally and vertically without the need to rotate a Log-Periodic antenna with a rotator. The solution designed by LS telcom is fully static, thus eliminating the risks of failure due to mechanical parts.

In addition, DF Time Travel® fully covers the basic DF functionalities offered by the traditional DF systems available on the market.

Nowadays, in a fast changing RF environment, locating only live signals with DF is not sufficient anymore. DF Time Travel® adds new capabilities to DF systems even when signals are no longer on air. Monitoring operators simply enter the center frequency and the bandwidth of the signal to be located. The system will automatically search for emissions and direction find them, providing the operators with the bearings calculated for different time periods in the past.

With LS telcom’s DF Time Travel®, there is no need to wait for an emitter to go on air again in order to locate it!

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Direction Finding Antenna: LS OBSERVER AOA 100


Direction Finding Antenna - AOA 100

Bearing and heatmap visualization

Vehicle-based Direction Finding

Detection of multiple same-channel emissions