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Integrated and Automated Spectrum Management System


Spectrum planning and licensing solution based on a professional workflow engine

mySPECTRA's fully automated workflows guide the user through all the processes of spectrum management, from receiving applications, frequency assignment, international coordination, to issuing licenses, all the way to keeping check on the receipt of payment. The central data repository stores the mandatory frequency and licensing information for all radio services for instant and easy access by regulatory staff.

mySPECTRA handles the increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes with ease and brings structure and clarity into all spectrum management processes.A lot of different licenses of all types of radio services follow their way through the web-based system automatically and solicit action from the user only when necessary. Workflows automate and streamline the handling of the numerous licensing products in a regulator’s general service-catalog. Users are guided through complex processes to ensure consistency and compliance with national regulatory laws.

The mySPECTRA system

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Why use mySPECTRA?

Administrative Spectrum Management

Web & Smartflow-Based Application Capturing and Processing

When talking about administrative spectrum management, one comes across many different tasks and challenges. These include for example:

  • Administration of master data
  • Capturing of license applications
  • Data Validation
  • Fee Calculation
  • Invoicing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Complaint Management
  • Type Approval Processes
  • Issuing of License Documents
  • etc.

Besides the myriad of different tasks and subtasks, the sequence of the respective user actions is different from coutry to country. In order to face such challenges, LS telcom has developed the web portal mySPECTRA that includes all required functions and offers great usability based on smartflows.

mySPECTRA is based on latest web technologies such as HTML 5 and provides a customizable and responsive user interface. User-friendly data entry masks and inbuilt data validation procedures streamline the capturing and maintenance of the data that is stored within the system's database. mySPECTRA is directly connected to the central database and consequently, the user can select and load stored master data (e.g. sites, addresses, antenna data, etc.) rather than entering all data manually. This speeds up the process and avoids mistakes by typing errors.

In addition, the user is guided through the respective processes by BPMN based smartflows. Step by step, the user will fulfill all actions that are required for the respective tasks. As a consequence, the user does not need to worry whether he has finished everything completely as he simply follows a pre-defined procedure. Finally, the smartflows can also be used for producing detailed statistics. It is possible to see which branches of the smartflows have been used in order to detect bottlenecks and to speed up the overall processes.

Web-Based Interface for Frequency Application Processes

Smartflow-Based User Guidance