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LS telcom’s whitespace management system for the FCC

Dynamic Spectrum Access  |  Whitespace Spectrum Management

If your whitespace distribution framework or policy is not crystal clear yet - why not ask for an expertise by our consultants? They have worked on many whitespace use cases already and can share their experience with you.

Switch to the whitespace management system for the FCC

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Location and Database related Dynamic Spectrum Access

Watch the video about our TV Whitespace Testbed in the U.S.

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Get the Details about the Smart Spectrum Management Solutions

  • The whitespace management database (WSDB), which includes the whitespace spectrum assignments, registration and authorization
  • The spectrum license database, including spectrum license data of incumbent users and protected spectrum
  • Infrastructure with a large number of access points
  • And the consumer access devices

You can choose the payment model and online payment option you prefer. Of course, the system provides the necessary control and speed for the high volume access requests to the database.

  1. The user of a whitespace device requests access to the whitespace database
  2. The user is registered and access is provided and authorized
  3. The user can then make a request for available whitespace channels
  4. Available channels are assigned and authorized

There are periodic updates and control messages between the whitespace database and the spectrum license database to guarantee interference-free use of all frequencies.

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