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Smart Radio Communications

Planning & Optimization Services

Many organizations rely on their radio networks for critical day-to-day communications, but at the same time, radio is often not their core business. Frequently it is the manufacturers of the equipment being used who are relied upon to ensure that a network is functioning correctly and to specification. This can leave the end-user, especially if they do not have detailed knowledge of such systems, not being fully assured that their network is providing the service it should.

As independent experts, not connected with any vendor or installer, LS telcom has helped many organizations to ensure that their radio networks are fit for purpose, and operating effectively. From the outset of requirement gathering and network definition, to downstream improvements and modifications to existing networks, our skilled staff can ensure that an optimum outcome, minimizing financial outlay whilst delivering the right quality of service. Our substantial experience in this field can be brought to bear to help deliver a more cost-effective and optimized outcome.

We can help you with:

Radio network designSite planningNetwork audits and field tests
Coverage optimizationIndoor coverage improvementActing as a technical customer friend
Liaison between manufacturer and customerIdentifying solutions for complex problemsCompetence building