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Radio Communications

LS telcom was one of the first companies providing GSM network planning software and services in the early 90’s. Ever since, our know-how and experience has grown with the evolvement of new radio technologies. Today, whether Critical Communications, Digital Mobile or Mobile Broadband, Broadcast or Satellite Communications, LS telcom is your perfect partner for radio communications solutions.

Our portfolio consists of strategy & technology consulting, system design, radio planning, engineering services, software solutions and hardware systems to plan, implement and optimize radio communication networks. From the initial concept study to RF planning to network optimization, our product range addresses the entire lifecycle of radio communications networks.

The complexity and interaction of a myriad of parameters to be considered when planning a radio network necessitates precise planning with a sound methodology. Our software solutions and our services for multiple technology 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE), wireless IoT (Internet of Things), microwave, broadcasting as well as critical communications technologies support you in the design, operation and optimization of regional and nationwide networks providing dedicated features for coverage, capacity and frequency planning, interference and quality analysis.

Besides that, our consulting and engineering services help you attribute and use radio frequency spectrum in the most efficient way and ensure the most optimal operation of your radio communication services. This helps you to:

  • Prepare for the future
  • Deliver highly available, reliable, optimal service quality
  • Secure quick ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Maximize productivity
  • Increase your bottom-line

Our Radio Network Planning Software

Telecom - CHIRplus_TC

CHIRplus_TC is a fully integrated planning tool that supports you in the planning, build-up and optimization of point-to-point radio links and cellular radio networks (TETRA, P.25, DMR, LoRa, etc.). It provides end-to-end engineering including site selection, line-of-sight (LOS) analysis, detailed link engineering, coverage planning, coordination & interference analysis.

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Mobile Broadband - CHIRplus_NGN

The web-based CHIRplus_NGN network planning and optimization platform is a professional software system to solve the coverage and interference problem of wireless networks. The system provides an accurate planning and optimization solution by adopting the advanced radio wave propagation models of leading industry and combining them with the three-dimensional geographic information system and indoor modeling functionality. The tool is optimized for mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, telecom design institutes, and enterprises engaged in network planning and optimization services.

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Broadcast - CHIRplus_BC

Regulatory authorities and broadcast network operators in over 90 countries worldwide use the software CHIRplus_BC to plan, coordinate and optimize broadcast networks of all kinds of standards and technologies. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and the implemented automation macros, broadcast engineers can quickly leverage all capabilities of CHIRplus_BC. The macros, launched with a mouse-click, allow for automated workflows of repetitive planning and calculation processes. The software includes all interference calculations a broadcast planner and coordinator needs, also considering other services operating in the same or adjacent frequency bands.

User friendliness and technology independence

The software includes intuitive user dialogs optimized for broadcast planning. It provides pre-set system parameters and variants, for each network technology, by default. This allows for faster click-through of the planning procedure and reduces errors. All digital terrestrial television (DTT) systems, such as DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DTMB, CMMB and ATSC/ ATSC 3.0 and digital radio systems, such as T-DAB, IBOC, HD Radio, DRM, DRM+ are supported by CHIRplus_BC.

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Indoor - iBwave

With regards to indoor network planning, LS telcom offers iBwave Design which is the leading software in automating all in-building network design planning activities, accuracy and productivity when working on indoor wireless projects.

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Our Radio Communications Planning, Engineering & Consultancy Services

Technology Consulting

Independent & competent

Professional radio networks have to be carefully designed if they are to deliver the service that users are expecting in the most optimum and cost-effective way. It is important to have knowledgeable experts involved in the design, procurement and roll-out of such networks and for many organizations who use these networks, they do not have the full set of in-house capabilities covering all areas.

Our area of expertise

LS telcom's technology consulting team have all of the skills necessary to ensure the performance of radio networks and can handle all stages of the process independently and competently including:

  • Audits and expert opinion
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Support of technical decision making
  • Evaluation of concepts
  • User requirements capture
  • Development of tender specifications
  • Procurement support
  • Cost analysis
  • Performance and quality audits

System Architecture

Planning a radio network is important, however it is equally essential to ensure that the overall architecture of the system to which it is connected is well designed. From the control room, to the backhaul and radio networks, having the right architecture and topology will enable more flexible use and a better quality of service.

Let´s share our knowledge

LS telcom has extensive experience of designing and refining system architectures for government and commercial organizations, and we can help you ensure that your whole network is optimized to provide the best possible service.

Planning & Optimization Services

Getting the best coverage and providing the right service for a radio network requires more than just higher towers and bigger antennas. Planning a network involved understanding what the network is going to be used for, and who by, and most importantly where. Providing the right level of coverage then has to take lots of technical factors into account such as the frequency in use and the propagation model, but perhaps more importantly practical factors such as whether sites can be put in the right locations on buildings or in open areas, whether power and connectivity is available and what other restrictions may apply to a site.

How we can help you

LS telcom has an expert team who have extensive experience of network planning and optimization for all kinds of users from police to airports and oil to transport. Whether you are considering establishing a new network, want to modernize an aging network, or just wish to improve the performance of an existing network, our team know the right steps to take.

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Indoor Radio Network Planning

Only a detailed and high-quality planning and design concept will guarantee optimal indoor coverage and the best possible integration with the outdoor network.

Benefit from our know-how!

We support you during all phases of your indoor network planning and implementation project and answer all the questions you may have.

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Capacity Building

As a full service provider, LS telcom offers training courses for all levels including software training, training on technical backgrounds as well as training on-the-job. Training may take place either at the customer’s place or at the LS telcom training facilities at our headquarters in Lichtenau/Germany.

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Digital Mapping Data

All spectrum planning and optimization tools rely on accurate data input. Besides information about transmitters, receivers, devices, equipment, antennas, etc. this includes also digital mapping data. Digital terrain and land usage models provide the basis for the technical analyses (e.g. line of sight checks, coverage and interference assessments, etc.) and images, such as street maps or satellite photographs, are used for orientation and visualization purposes.

Rely on our long-term experience

LS telcom is able to support you in the selection of the required mapping data and provides you with a high quality data package that is required for your daily work.

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