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Defense & Security

The electromagnetic spectrum has become a battlefield – invisible but crucial. Available and secure spectrum is the key to successfully complete missions. Electronic warfare, cyber warfare, spectrum warfare, and information warfare systems all operate to seize and hold control of the radio spectrum including communications, radar, and other important sensors.

LS telcom provides sophisticated system solutions and consulting services to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum.

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> SPECTRAmil - The Military’s Automated Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare System

the integrated net-centric system for operational and strategic spectrum management, mission planning and electronic warfare, to establish spectrum superiority

> LS OBSERVER - Sensor Based Monitoring System for Defense & Security

the spectrum surveillance, reconnaissance, data collection and analysis system, employing one or more monitoring units connected to a central control unit (CCU), fitted with direction finding and geo-location.

Consulting Services

LS telcom also provides comprehensive consulting services in the area of Electronic Warfare, spectrum and frequency management, spectrum surveillance and direction finding. In the past, LS telcom has consulted military institutions, Ministries and major military suppliers addressing future spectrum demand, operational spectrum management, military spectrum usage, spectrum monitoring, etc.

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Patrik Philippi

Phone: +49 (0) 7227 9535 495
E-mail: PPhilippi(at)

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LS OBSERVER: Custom Monitoring Systems

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LS OBSERVER: Portable Monitoring Unit

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Integrated System Solutions Enabling Spectrum Superiority

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LS OBSERVER: Continuous Surveillance - Fixed Monitoring Unit


LS OBSERVER: Transportable Monitoring Unit