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Smart Radio Communications

Planning Software

LS telcom is a leading international supplier of software for radio network planning, design, optimization and coordination

Our software supports all kinds of radio technologies and offers coverage, capacity and frequency planning as well as indoor network planning. Engineers can use the software for the planning of single links and base stations, for detailed indoor coverage planning as well as for the dimensioning and analysis of complex nationwide networks. Interference analysis, compatibility checks and national and international coordination complete the range of the software’s functionality.


Planning for Smart Grid networks

The Smart Grid module allows network planners to design, optimize, and maintain smart metering and data transmission networks taking into consideration the network hierarchy of master, repeaters and slaves.

Our smart metering module for the utilities was developed in close cooperation between our engineers and customers.

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The planer of a smart grid network has to consider many indoor as well as outdoor planning parameters. An important aspect for coverage planning, for example, is the position of the smart meter within the building. The coverage can vary enormously depending on whether the meter is located in the basement of a building, the ground floor or underneath the roof. The planer also needs to pay attention to possible interference between several meters placed adjacently. High-resolution data for optimal planning is therefore indispensable.

Many utility companies already use CHIRplus_TC for the planning of their point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio transmission links and the simulation of their smart grid networks.

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